Driving the business growth

Driving the business growth

through setting innovative and effective strategies

Across our five business divisions, highly experienced teams drive business growth by setting innovative and effective strategies. 

Each team is equipped with domain-specific resources and market expertise, and furthermore empowered by Union’s cross-functional mindset encouraging collaboration between different teams and maintaining close coordination with our partners. 

Our marketing teams execute the following:
•    Building market understanding and opportunities assessment
•    Leading the development of Integrated brand plan
•    Setting strategic imperatives and performance objectives 
•    Building operational plans
•    Continuing medical education (CME)

Medical Sales Representatives

A Professional team responsible for the promotion at the level of healthcare professionals.

Our emphasis on maintaining an optimal reach and frequency in our engagement with the physicians has allowed our team to become a trusted source of information for the medical community. We work closely with healthcare professionals to provide medical updates and development in various therapy areas.

The Medical Sales Representatives team builds on Union’s expertise in retail and institutional business, thus adopting its approach based on a close understanding of both the prescriber and the payer. 

We focus on

  • Differentiated products
  • Legacy originator products
  • Generic medicines
 Marketing & Promotion