Union is uniquely positioned

Union is uniquely positioned

to provide products, services, and support across the entire healthcare spectrum.
Pharma Sales
Pharma Sales
Pharmacy Sales

Our solid relationships with pharmacies are driven by our focused services and a diversified portfolio of products.

Union’s personalized services and solutions help position pharmacies as a leading source of patient care. Access to the right product is a cornerstone of delivering patient care and operating a healthy community pharmacy.

Our business model of direct visits and direct delivery to each and every account in the territory, allows us to cultivate an ongoing relation with our customers.

We provide point-of-sale intelligence to our partners and offer real-time stock management to pharmacies. This model has repeatedly ensured optimal decision making and planning.

Our market-leading distribution offerings and expertise give pharmacies the tools they need to drive revenue, control costs, and operate at peak efficiency. Our reputation as a consistent and reliable partner allows the pharmacist to care for patients and grow their practice

Pharma Sales
Pharma Sales
Hospital Sales

We are a trusted partner, helping hospitals fulfill their mission to provide consistently excellent and accessible health services to their patients.

Our comprehensive, cross-departmental approach ensures hospitals benefit from our expertise in promotion, consultancy, and portfolio management.

Union’s core distribution services provide access for hospitals, enhancing their ability to procure critical therapies. Our team anticipates the barriers and challenges hospitals face in today’s environment. It ensures continuous access to high-value treatments, including early access for specialty pharmaceuticals, rare diseases, and orphan drugs. Know more about our NPS Capabilities. 

Our Hospital Supplies  sales team promotes, sells, and distributes non-pharma hospital products.

Pharma Sales
Pharma Sales
Public Institutions Sales

Union has become a leading player in institutional sales though strong market access capabilities and a robust external affairs function.

Therapies have advanced toward targeted treatments, biologics, and immunotherapies, Union has adapted to those advancements.

We ensure agility to adopt to the fast changing environment of this dynamic channel, driven by an acute understanding of each institution. As such the team is segmented into focused clusters ensuring coherent and systemized account management.

Tender sales 
We have a proven record of success in managing tender sales.

With years of experience, our institutional sales team has a deep understanding of due processes and procedures that are required to submit a successful tender bid. The team takes full ownership of the tendering process, facilitating adoption of strategy and approach to each tender.