Union covers

Union covers

all the Lebanese territory with over 3000 active accounts.

We are one of the few companies that deliver to each and every pharmacy on the territory. We maintain a consistent and secure distribution of thousands of products each day.

This reliability means clients spend less time on inventory and product integrity concerns and more time focused on patients. Our market-leading model reaches all channels. We are one of the few companies that distributes to and connects with our customers directly.

Supply chain is at the core of our business

Our teams reach multiple channels including



Dental Clinics

Public Institutions

Specialty Centers

Health Professionals



Our Fleet

validated for cold chain transport
Reaches 3000
unique accounts
Covers 100%
of territory

Uninterrupted Chain of Responsibility from the Manufacturer to the Patient

Product integerity and tractability

We source our products directly from manufacturers and deliver directly to the end-users. This protects our partners and patients from the possibility of counterfeit products. Each product can be traced along every point in the supply chain.

Real-time stock management

Real-time stock management with automated-order systems capability allows us to better serve our clients, ensuring they get the products they need promptly. This approach also allows us to provide point-of-sale intelligence.