Union covers all of Lebanese territory

Union covers all of Lebanese territory

with over 3000 active accounts
Business Continuity Plan

Our Business Continuity Plan safeguards our team’s operational resilience to carry out its mission in delivering healthcare to patients in need.

Union has developed a robust Business Continuity Plan that minimizes the impact and shortens the downtime to our operations resulting from facilities disruption or disasters.

Our Business Continuity Plan includes: 

  • A strong and tested workforce-continuity plan
  • Information technology disaster recovery plan
  • Warehouse and logistic operations that are prioritized and can be reallocated to minimize downtime for the business

Our high level of service quality and efficient organizational structure is validated by the ISO Quality Management System certificate (ISO 9001:2015) and the Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GSDP) issued by the Lebanese MoH.

In addition, we are regularly audited by our partners. This ensures our total alignment with strictest global quality standards.

Cold-Chain Expertise

We are fully committed to uncompromised supply chain integrity of temperature-controlled products. As a result, our partners’ innovative products maintain the highest levels of efficacy and patient safety; for optimal treatment outcomes.

Our team of specialists possesses the expertise to manage pharmaceuticals that require specialized handling and storage. In particular, Union’s supply chain experts understand the complexities of pharmaceutical cold-chain logistics.

Union’s Integrated Validated Cold-Chain system features multi-level monitoring systems. This ensures refrigerated pharmaceuticals have been kept at the proper temperature levels during transportation and storage. 

Live Cells & Regenerative Medicine

We have a unique expertise in local market for the processing, preservation, storage and distribution of cell cultures and live cells.

Developments in Live Cells & Regenerative Medicine are quickly advancing, requiring a quick adaptation to cater to this new field that depends on extremely intricate timing, absolute compliance, and highly qualified personnel.